MediaKids is one of the best agencies all over Thailand. I had such a wonderful experience with them. The staff are all supportive and caring. They will guide you all the way through a great journey and teaching experience in This incredible country. MORE POWER!

Ronnie Branzuela Cee

If you have ever thought of combining traveling and working, but were not sure for safety reasons, then MediaKids is the best option to do so! You will be taken great care of, from personal experience I can say this company is RELIABLE and TRUSTWORTHY! It is a great job in a paradise, on top of that MK staff is very supportive and helpful and just really nice people! This is one the best decisions I have ever made!

Liudmila Shultunova

Would really recommend Media Kids to begin your journey of teaching in Thailand!

Ali Mae

Still can’t believe how comfortable and easy it has been moving over here and start English teaching work. All of it down to Mediakids.

David James Boardman

Mediakids Academy has made my experience in Thailand all the more amazing! What I love about them the most is the fact that the staff genuinely care about the wellbeing of us as teachers. They have always been there when I needed assistance. When I have questions and concerns, responses on their part have always been prompt! The staff are all extremely dependable, organized and professional. They take a lot of pride in ensuring that all teachers are happy and feel like they have steady support. I am renewing my contract with them because I trust them to be there to ensure that my teaching experience always goes smoothly. MK is highly recommended!

Sherricka Case

MediaKids is an awesome company to work for – really supportive and a great team atmosphere!

Lauren Heraty

MediaKids is one of the best ways to start your teaching career. I thought moving overseas would be hard and or difficult, but with the hands on team like their consultants, they make everything very easy!

Trent Kuffel

As a city boy, I never thought I would enjoy small town life so much as I do in Nachuak, Mahasarakham. Besides the financial savings (rent is fully paid for), the social connections one forms in the town and the school, moreover, is next to none. The Isan people are so warm and work with students at Nachuakpittayasan School is indeed the most rewarding part of this experience. I will miss them the most. If you are worried about teaching in a small town, fear not, there is a direct overnight bus from Nachuak to Bangkok every evening and you can connect to major cities in the region via Borabue or Mahasarakham bus stations. The town has some quaint coffee shops and restaurants in addition to Dictionary Park swimming resort for those oh so hot days – and there are many. I fully recommend the program with MediaKids Academy since they provide you with all the logistics support you need.

Alexis Pillay

After being in a job that had me physically and mentally exhausted I needed a change, thankfully I had recently finished my TEFL course and found a job opportunity to teach in Thailand. A week after I applied to MediaKids I had an interview, the next day I was offered the job at my choice of schools. Less than a month later I had arrived in Bangkok. I had a warm welcome when I arrived at the hotel, spent the evening getting my bearings and then got ready for the three day orientation which was interesting, taught me some basic Thai and explained various elements of teaching along with practising lessons with the rest of the new teachers. I had 5 days before I started teaching once the orientation finished, so I flew up to Chiang Mai where I climbed waterfalls, explored a cave temple and relaxed at some hot springs. Once I eventually arrived in my town, a nice rural area in the North of Thailand, I had a weekend to explore. I got to meet the Thai teachers and the director of the school, everyone was incredibly welcoming, the foreign teachers were introduced at a school assembly and we were each presented with some flowers which now decorate my desk in the office, a week after that we were taken out for a welcome meal which was absolutely incredibly, and presented with another plant, which decorates the head of my bed. Teaching has been an entirely unique experience, it started off very tough but as the students got used to me they are more talkative and even speak to me in English when they see me around town. While this is a small rural town there is still a lot to do, if you know where to look. I have made many friends here, and there is now a group of about 12 of us teachers who often meet up in the evenings or at weekends. Just yesterday, we hired motorbikes for 200 baht, roughly the price of a pint of beer back home, and spent the day driving through the mountains, visiting temples and relaxing by some rivers and waterfalls before returning to the weekly night market in town. If you are feeling stuck in your life, or just need to get away from everything, I would highly recomend applying to a MediaKids job listing and start a new life, have some incredible new experiences, see a brand new world with a totally different culture, enrich some young lives and have 24/7 support from the agency while you are doing all of this.

Samuel Levine

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