Teaching in Thailand


We often find ourselves caught up in the fast-paced life, stressed out with daily woes, and worried about life’s trials and tribulations. In Thailand, however, you will experience nearly the opposite. For example, Thailand can be best described by three phrases which are spoken in conversation extremely often:

  • “Mai bpen rai” = no worries / no problem
  • “Jai yen yen” = cool heart / keep calm
  • “Alai godai”= anything is ok / doesn’t matter

In addition to the lifestyle, you will instantly love Thai people. They are always smiling, genuinely care about your well-being, and go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. Thai food has been praised as one of the best cuisines in the world, and there is so much natural beauty in Thailand for you to explore. Whether you’re looking for a bit of a break from the fast-pace life of your home country, adventure, an immersive cultural experience, or a complete lifestyle change – Thailand is the place for you!

The Students

Thai children are treasured in Thai culture. In fact the entire country, however old, displays a wonderful childlike, carefree innocence. They expect learning to be fun and will appreciate a sense of humor from their teacher. Students here are highly respectful of their teachers and obedient, but playful, in the classroom. If you’re looking for an excuse to spend your days filled with fun activities and humorous children – Thailand is for you!

About Esan

Most of the teachers are placed in the area of Thailand called Esan. This is the northeastern part of the country that’s unlike the busy Bangkok life. Esan is rich in authentic Thai culture, and you’ll enjoy all that Thailand has to offer.


Here’s just a quick list of benefits of living in rural Thailand vs. big-city life:

  • Remarkably cheaper cost of living, allowing you to save for travels and vacations during and between semesters
  • Authentic legacy of traditions, rituals, music, dance, and architecture
  • Natural and picturesque beauty of the lush surroundings
  • Fun-loving, easy-going, and hospitable locals
  • Becoming somewhat of a local celebrity in your town
  • Healthier and, arguably, tastier version of classic Thai cuisine
  • Becoming a key member of the community, loved and cherished by all