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English is

Fun. >>>

So what do we mean by fun? First, let’s see what we don’t mean. If you’re an adult ESL student, fun should not be silly or childish. Fun does not mean playing language games that make you feel stupid. And, having fun during language lessons doesn’t mean you’re laughing all the time; that would mean the language lessons are funny — not fun. Laughing all the time during lessons is good if you’re training to become a comedian, but it won’t help you learn English.


A fun English lesson is one that you feel good about. You look forward to taking the next one. Time goes fast during a fun lesson, sometimes too fast. If you’re looking at your watch every five minutes, the lesson is probably not fun. At the same time, English involves hard work. Remember your ESL teacher is a teacher, not an entertainer. But, you should feel like the class was a good class.

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