ECD Program – English for Communication Development

The ECD program focuses on speaking and listening with a fun, hands on approach. Think about how we learn English as young children – visual aids, games, songs! This program aims to build confidence in speaking English and to encourage natural speech. It is all about focusing on the conversations they are likely to come across; “what are you doing tonight?”, “have you seen this movie?”, “what would you like to eat?”. It’s about natural, normal conversation.

Curriculum: We provide you with a full curriculum. We give you topics, key vocab and worksheets to work from if you choose to – but we encourage creativity! Above all, ECD lessons should be fun and hands on.

Level: ECD teaching can be from Pratom (primary) level 1-6 to Mathayom (secondary) level 1-6 – it depends on your placement.

Timetable: You will see each of your classes once per week, and teach only a couple of Mathayom levels. For example you might teach the Mathayom 1 and 2 students, and another teacher teachers 3 and 4, and another 5 and 6.